Country Routes RFDCD 23 : Spade Cooley

From Rare Transcription Discs

Genre: Western Swing

Rare transcription discs from early titles with Cal Shrum where he is featured fiddle (and Tex Williams a budding vocalist), ten titles with his 1945 band featuring Noel Boggs, Tex Williams, Jimmy Wyble and twenty with his later, 1947, band.

Track Details

Haas Stomp
Dry & Dusty
MacGregor Swing
Sweethearts Or Strangers
MacGregor Blues
Time Changes Everything
Rangers Special
He's Gone Up The Trai
Devil's Dream
You Waited Too Long
Topeka Polka
Worried Mind
Three Way Boogie
You Can't Break My Heart
Please Give Me One More Chance
Soapin' The Saddle
Hide Your Face
Snow Deer Stomp
You'll Rue The Day
Cowpoke Polka
Blonde Fiddle Blues
If I'd Only See'd You
Fiddle Boogie
Down At The Coocoo House
Boggs Boogie
Tuesday Two-Step
Mountain Mother-In-Law
Four Fiddle Polka
Diggin' With Spade
Leather Breeches
Pretty Polka
Hollywood Hoedown
It's Dark Outside

Also Available:

RFDCD 30 Spade Cooley: "Live" at the Santa Monica Pier & Riverside Rancho 1945-1946

HQCD 144 Spade Cooley: Big Band 1950-1952

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