Harlequin HQCD 108 : Roberto Inglez

1945 - 1947

Genre: Latin American

Along with Edmundo Ros, Roberto Inglez was one of the popularizers of Latin-American music in Britain in the 1940s, before leaving to live in South America. These are the highlights of his earliest sessions; Latin-American mood music.

Track Details

On My Way Out
Os Quindins De Ya-Ya
Chiquita Banana
The Green Cockatoo
Tres Palabras (Without You)
Autumn Serenade
Rio de Janeiro
Melodies of Today
Jamaican Rumba
Two Silhouettes
Tico Tico
Another Night Like This
Negra Consentida
El Toreador
Mi Vida
Chi Baba
Bruca Manigua
Vem Vem
Ya Que Te Vas
Shoemaker's Serenade

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