Harlequin HQCD 123 : Antobal's Cubans

1932 - 1937

Genre: Latin American

Fabulous collection by an excellent, swinging Cuban studio band featuring top soloists Alberto Socarrás and top vocalists Johnny Rodríguez and Panchito Riset, and led by the brother of Don Azpiazu, whose PEANUT VENDOR broke Latin-American music in the USA. Top-rate transfers from clean original discs.

Track Details

La Mulata Rumbera
Los Tres Golpes
Para Vigo Me Voy (Say "Si Si")
Hot Tamales
Mammy Bong
Spic and Spanish
Songo Songo
A Gozar (Let's Be Gay)
La Conga (Havana's Calling Me)
The Moon Over Cuba Was High And So Was I
My Margarita
Virgen (In A Cuban Garden)
El Trapero (Old Clothes)
They All Look Alike To Pancho
El Maraquero
The Night The Lady Said "No"
Tierra Tropical (The Cuban In Me)
No Se Puede (Said The Monkey)
Viene La Conga
Conga Karabalicero (Congo Drums)
Blue Bayou
Cuban Belle
Onile Bó (Whoa, Nellie, Whoa)

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