Harlequin HQCD 16 : Various Artists

1912 - 1941

Genre: Calypso

Track Details

Lovey's Trinidad String Band : Trinidad Paseo
Lovey's Trinidad String Band : Manuelito
Sam Manning' Orchestra : Hold Him Joe
Monrose String Orchestra : Trinidad Carnival Songs
Lionel Belasco : Bajan Girl
Lionel Belasco and his Orchestra : Amazon
Lionel Belasco & his Trinidad Orchestra : Mongoose Hop
Jack Celestain & his Caribbean Stompers : Nancy
Sam Manning & his Cole Jazz Orchestra : Bungo
Sam Manning's Orchestra : Talking To Myself
Sam Manning's Orchestra : I'm Going Your Way
Sam Manning and his Orchestra : Belle Femme
Sam Manning's Rhythm Boys : Recuerdos Del Pasado
Harmony Kings' Orchestra : Don't Touch Me
Gerald Clark & his Caribbean Serenaders : Marguerite
Emery Cournard Serenaders : Why Me Craf Vex With Me
Emery Cournard Serenaders : Under The British Commander
Codallo's Top Hatters Orchestra : Lopez Contreras
Georgie Johnson & his Rhythm Kings : Happy Man
George Cabral : Memories Of Trinidad
The Lion, with Gerald Clark & his Caribbean Serenaders : The Rumba Dance
The Lion, with George Mutoo & his Demerara Orchestra : Suzi-qu
King Radio, with Gerald Clark & his Caribbean Serenaders : Jitterbug
The Lion, with Sa Gomes Rhythm Boys : Charming Trinidad
Felix & his Krazy Kats : Bob White

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