Harlequin HQCD 164-65 : Edmundo Ros

Mambo Jambo
1949 - 1950

Genre: Latin Dance

Over 50 titles and 2½ hours listening on this double CD. The very best of Latin Dance rhythms by the Maestro.

Track Details

CD 1
High In Sierra
Wonderful Illusion
Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero
Tis Only A Matter Of Mind Over Matter
The Scottish Samba
Mama's Samba
More and More Amour
Have A Jug Of Wine With Pancho
Zing Zing Boom
If I Can't Hav-ana In Cuba
No No My Sweet Lolita
Chiquita Bacana
My Favourite Samba
One At A Time
Mexican Merry-Go-Round
Beguine Without A Name
Little Jug
Gimpel Baynish Rumba
Mambo Jambo
Mambo Jambo
Take Her To Jamaica

CD 2
Yess - They Call It Yaass
Sammy's Little Samba
Mambo In F
La Marchina
Tzena Tzena Tzena
Maria Dolores
Cuban Mambo
Samba Polka
I Love To Mambo
Chi Bim Bam Bom
The Wooden Soldier Samba
The Chilly Chiquita From Chile
The Matchbox Samba
Mambo No.5
More More Mambo
Hora Samba
Reco Reco
Talk T'me
High Cheek Bones
Yankee Doodle Samba
If At First You Don't Succeed

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