Harlequin HQCD 170 : Xavier Cugat
with José Luis Moneró

1946 - 1948

Genre: Latin American

Drawn from transcription discs and rare broadcasts. These excellent mid-1940s titles offer a dozen titles by one of Cugat's finest Latin vocalists.

Track Details

Oye Negra
Linda Mujer
Escucha Mi Son
You Belong To My Heart / Yours
South America Take It Away
Coax Me A Little Bit
Cielito Lindo
El Tumbaíto
Bruca Manigua
Linda Mujer
Rio La Yagua
Take It Away
Cachita / Los Carnavales de Oriente
Cugat's Nugats
La Mer
Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru (Jack Jack Jack)
Mi Bumba Ne

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