Harlequin HQCD 154 : Xavier Cugat

Live from the Statler-Hilton & Roseland Hotels

Genre: Latin American

Rare 1950s broadcasts from top New York hotels find Cugat's superb orchestra at its peak - magnificent, full toned, swinging arrangements primarily of mambos and rumbas. Some tour-de-force versions here including perhaps the hottest El Manisero since it broke Latin American music in 1930.

Track Details

¡Hasta Cuando!
El Manisero
South America, Take It Away
My Shawl
Cachita / Carnival Oriente
Cuban Mambo
Miami Beach Rumba
Campanitas De Cristal
My Shawl
Coco Seco
La Cruz
Campanitas De Cristal / Arriverderci Roma / Perfidia
Mambo No.5
Don José
Que Merengue / Pedro Juan / My Shawl

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