Harlequin HQCD 160 : Xavier Cugat

Jack Jack Jack
1947 - 1949

Genre: Latin American

The cream of Cugat's commercial recordings from before and after the AFM recording ban, including all the recordings of vocalist, José Luis Moneró with Cugat.

Track Details

Jack Jack Jack (Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru)
Hokey Joe
Un Poquito de Amor
El Tumbaito
Adios Maraquita Linda
Dice Mi Gallo
Thrill Of A New Romance
Story Of Sorrento
Rumba Fantasy
It's Easy When You Know How
Jungle Rumba
Cuatro Milpas (Lonely Rancho)
Chon Chon Chon
It Began In Havana
Mary Ann
Bola Negra
Rumba Cocktail
You Can In Yucatan (Capullito De Aleli)
Rio La Yagua
Zing A Zing A Boom

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